Private 1-2-1 fashion nude wedding and portrait photography course.

Learn how to photograph fashion, portraits, wedding and nudes photography at a stunning chateaux near France, Europe.

In order to break into and compete in the world of fashion, portraiture or fine art nudes photography you need to have the edge in your images that separates you from every other photographer out there. These 1-2-1 photography courses in France, Europe are designed to give you the edge that you need.

Private photography training for photographers that are looking to break in to shooting professional fashion, fine art nudes or portrait photography or those just wishing to have a professional photographer set up a mentored shoot and to guide you through creating amazing images. Bruce also offers a photographers mentoring program tailored around your specific photography.

Bruce Smith began shooting as a professional fashion and portrait photographer back in 1983, on film, of course! Since then he has shot fashion campaigns around the globe and developed an impressive series of fashion photography Masterclasses.  His book, Pro Digital Fashion Photography was published around the world and he continues to produce stunning fashion, boudoir and fine art nude images for discerning clients. You can view Bruce’s fashion, portrait, nudes and wedding gown photography on his commercial photography website.

You decide on the genre/s and spec of photography for this course, you can choose from a one day photography course to as many days as you want.

Dates Check with us for available dates.

Where At Chateau Fengari near Bordeaux, France.

Tutored by Bruce Smith.

Tuition fee €350 per day.

Accommodation from €150 per day.

Models TBA.

Hair and make up artist TBA.

Fashion styling TBA.

Transfers to and from Bordeaux airport €50 each way.

Travel expenses Depending upon where the team members come from there maybe travel and accommodation expenses to cover for them.

Course structure This course is structured around your requirements, please use the enquire about available dates button and tell us about the content for your one 2 one photography course.

Payment methods Fees can be paid via bank transfer or paypal.


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To talk to Bruce about a 1-2-1 photography master class explain about your objectives and a date frame that works for you on the contact form below and Bruce will get back to you ASAP.

Photography 1-2-1 enquiry form

Learn how to photograph fashion, portraits and nudes photography on a 1-2-1 photography workshop in France, Europe at a stunning chateaux near Bordeaux

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