Your personalised portrait session

During your portrait photography session you will be made to feel just like the top fashion models and celebrities dressing the pages of todays top fashion magazines.
Enigma  228rettint - Portraits by celebrity portrait photographer Bruce Smith

This portrait photograph of the super model Oxana Zubakova inspired another photographer to ask Bruce a question,


Marco: “How did you achieve the enigmatic magic dust in this picture?”


Bruce: “Sorry Marco, I do not know, I just take pictures”. 


Marco: “You must find out, because people will love your portraits if you can achieve this much feeling, emotion and energy in their own portraiture photographs”


This conversation began a long journey exploring and discovering the reasons why Bruce takes pictures, looking back at his portrait images, thinking about his shooting style and the personal methods of communication, direction and photographic techniques that he was using at the time this image was created that would add “the enigmatic magic dust etc” to inspire such a comment. 


He now does know how, Bruce says this exploration really helped him to achieve even more energy, feelings, emotion and movement in his pictures today.


Bruce and his team know all about creating beautiful images, also what beauty looks like both on the outside and the inside. 


We will show you your beauty within yourself in your portrait photographs. 


A portrait session with us is about the ultimate pamper day out and a perfect reason to celebrate everything about you for women of all ages and the people who love them. 

We want to create the best ever portrait of you. So we invite you for your personal style consultation and your photo shoot with Bruce, it will change the way you see yourself.



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