Portrait Photographer Bruce Smith

Portrait photographer Bruce Smith provides portrait sessions in Bordeaux, Paris, Nice, Monaco or London.

“The portraits that you took of me are amazing.

I still can’t believe the woman on those photographs is me.

Thank you so much for this unique experience which has really changed my self-image.”

Portrait photographer Bruce Smith creates beautiful portraiture, portraits created to reflect who you are, or who you wish to be. The portraits could be just for you or for your partner or your family to keep forever as a reminder of your beauty today. Bruce is a France based (English speaking) portrait photographer with options to creating portraits in Nice, Bordeaux, the Cote d”Azur and Paris.

Where Bruce creates his portraiture when in Bordeaux is an outstanding Napoleonic chateau location with luxurious accommodation so you can come for your portrait session and take a few days break. Soon we will be able to be arrange portrait sessions in London.

Bruce creates most of his portraits out on location or in peoples homes because of his love of available light, he is also just as comfortable creating portraits in the studio. Although Bruce specialises in photographing women, he loves to photograph mothers and daughters, sons and sisters, husbands and other loved ones. 

So if you are thinking about having a family portrait created do contact us today. We would love to be able to create some magical images of yourself and your family and loved ones. We would love to hear from you soon about creating your portraits for you.

Contact portrait photographer Bruce Smith, send him a personal message. Tell Bruce about your portrait photography session ideals and your dreams or your objectives for your personal branding photography or your photography education requirements, please use the form provided below. Please provide us with as much relevant information as you can and tick the boxes that relate to your inquiry.

Many thanks for contacting us from Bruce and his creative team. We would love to hear from you soon.