Dreaming of becoming a professional photographer?


Fashion portrait or nudes photography mentoring by Bruce Smith that will help you to overcome many of the difficulties that you come across when photographing models, such as your shyness, confidence, communication skills, directing a story into your shoot, finding good models to work with. Bruce’s first objective is to help you to get your images good enough to get you testing with top model agency models. 

Bruce will mentor you with his 40 years plus professional photography knowledge and experience, the photography technical skills from lighting to setting up a shoot from concept to finished images ready for a client, the people and photography business skills and knowledge to get you started fulfilling your dreams of becoming a professional photographer. 

Bruce offers a step by step program starting with a one hour online consultation covering where you are and where you want to be with your photography with guidance to your next step to achieving your dream to start you off along with a detailed portfolio review. Your first step is to take a one hour mentoring consultation via skype or messenger, this first hour is €75 then any subsequent hours at €50 per hour. 

The second step is to take a live one 2 one photography workshop held at Chateau Fengari where Bruce lives and shoots. This will give Bruce the chance to help you with a few essential attributes that Bruce feels are of great value for your to development towards making a living as a professional photographic visual communicator.



These attributes will include


  • Building your understanding of why high quality photography technique is needed to create images that fulfil a clients expectations.
  • Ironing out any technical problems you maybe having as well as helping you to understand why you need to communicate through your photography. 
  • Increasing your level of openness which affords people to be willingly empowered by you to achieve your objectives with your images. 
  • Communication with all involved in the creative team that are helping you to produce professional level images.
  • Teaching you the photography language that will save you from looking like an amateur. 
  • Understanding what commercial fashion clients need in their images whether for magazine editorials ( images that reflect trend), look books and catalogues (images that sell off the page) or advertising fashion (images that create brand awareness).
  • Creating stories that clients can relate to requires a large repertoire of directing styles and skills to tap into to add theatre to your pictorial stories.
  • Being in control of every aspect of photography shoot production helps your confidence in your self and your abilities.
  • Creating a portfolio with your own unique style to impress industry talent that will help you create images that clients want to see
  • How to break into the industry and find clients that pay.




These photography mentoring programs are tailored to each individual. 


Bruce will create your mentoring program after your first consultation after which Bruce will be able to advise you of your next step.To book the first hour photography mentoring consultation please fill out the form below and Bruce will get back to you regarding making an appointment and paying for your first step to achieving your dream of becoming a professional photographer. When you book your first hour of mentoring you will receive a gift card to use towards the cost of a one 2 one mentored workshop with Bruce.


The mentoring hands on photography workshops location that will inspire your creativity

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The testimonials from past photography workshops students



Some amazing images for my fashion portfolio

The 3 days of my photography mentoring were crammed full of shooting, with a different model each day, and doing 4 different sets with each model. Not only is Bruce a talented photographer, he is also passionate and truly inspirational. Throughout each day, Bruce provides you with guidance, feedback and encouragement. As well as working alongside Bruce, I also got to work closely with the stylist, make up artist as well as shooting with the agency models. All of which have contributed to some amazing images for my portfolio, as well as increasing my knowledge and confidence.




In the hands of a master photographer 

I have had the pleasure of being mentored by Bruce in several of his classes on fashion photography. One of his unsung talents in the world of fashion is how well he transfers his skills in the classroom. There seems to be no limit as to the amount of information he tries to instil in his students. You feel you are in the hands of a master who truly wants to see you succeed in your craft.

Jim Pinto 



Bruce’s photography teaching methods are fantastic

I recently had a one 2 one fashion course with Bruce Smith. It was mind blowing, i have never worked at a such pace with so much energy and enthusiasm. Bruce’s teaching methods are fantastic, he encourages you to push yourself further and further each time and when reviewing the work through the day he gives constructive criticism and praise. A true professional that looks at how he can guide and help you on your path to being a creative photographer i would recommend his courses to anyone. Thank you Bruce for giving me a new lease of life in how to take fashion photographs.



Begin the first step towards living your dream of becoming a professional photographer by booking a one hour consultation today, it only costs €75, each hour after this is €50.

If you book an eleven hour session program before the end of July 2019 you will get the first hour free, 11 hours mentoring for €500 (normally €575).

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To book either your one hour photography mentoring consultation or your program of ten sessions, please fill out the form below stating which you would like to book and Bruce will get back to you to set a date and time for your free pre mentoring consultation (this is informal and lasts about 15 to 30 minutes) and to sort out the payment.

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