How the fashion image was created

Lighting posing shooting techniques for portrait fashion weddings and nudes photography

DSC0386RETDPSsmllft o1tfulsq29hflhfidguboctho0klw002wormfm75rk - Lighting posing, shooting techniques for portrait, fashion weddings and nudes photography

Fashion lighting set up with 2 studio flash heads.

The posing, I love to achieve edgy dynamic moving poses with lots of energy when I am shooting fashion,  also to match this look I love to add contrast and drama to the lighting. For this image I shot on a white cove (could be shot on a white backdrop). 

Shooting technique, my model is quite close to the back of the cove so her shadows run up the wall adding some depth and interesting shapes on the background.

Lighting, the key lite (lighting on the models face and top of her body) I used a Profoto B1X studio flash head with a beauty dish Softlight Reflector White modifier with a grid inserted attached to a boom arm positioned high up just out of frame and as close to my model as possible to create a lovely fall off (contrast) When lighting like this you need to keep your model in the sweep of the best light, a few inches either side or back and your model is out of the best light. 

Second B1X studio flash head with a grid spot on a Magnum Reflector was positioned down low and pointing upwards from the left of my model  creating the up shadow on the background also lighting the legs of the model, without this her lower body on the left and her legs would be in shadow.

To be continued.