Hands on photographers courses fashion portraits nudes wedding photography with a pro photographer, author and educator Bruce Smith.

Learn how to shoot fashion portraits or nudes photography on these hands on photography workshops in France, Europe with a pro photographer, author and educator Bruce Smith.

Teaching you all aspects of creating amazing images and to shoot, light and master instinctive shooting, Bruce’s unique method of creating his own images in camera during these live photography workshops that you can not learn from youtube videos, photography books or online photography workshops etc. Read a students testimonial further down this page.

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We have four workshops scheduled in at Chateau Fengari creative retreat near Bordeaux during 2020, wedding photography workshop in France, portrait photography workshop in France, fashion photography workshop in France and nude photography workshop in France.

Photography training that will give you professional photographic skills edge to compete with other photographers, call Bruce today on +33 7 68 79 89 89 to talk about your photography workshops requirements.



Photography workshops that provide you with professional skills.

The most extensive wedding, portrait, fashion and fine art nudes photography workshops in the country!  Covering the photography business, planning your shoots, lighting techniques, creative and digital workflow processes from one of the world’s top creative photographers with over 40 years as a published professional photographer. Call Bruce today on +33 7 68 79 89 89 to talk about your photography workshops requirements.



A little about what we cover during these photography workshops.

  • Increasing your level of openness which affords people to be willingly empowered by you to achieve your objectives with your images. 

  • Building your understanding of why high quality photography technique is needed to create images that full fill a clients expectations.

  • Ironing out any technical problems you maybe having as well as helping you to understand why you need to communicate through your photography. 

  • Communication with all involved in the creative team that are helping you to produce professional level images.
  • Teaching you the photography language and terminology that will make those that hear you will respect you for your professional approach. 
  • Being in control of every aspect of your photography shoot production helps your confidence in your self and your abilities.

Learn to light and shoot instinctively with both available and artificial light.

The image here was shot with the available daylight, a reflector and a diffuser and was finished without using any photoshop retouching.

It is my objective to get it right in camera using my unique instinctive lighting techniques. I will teach you to understand the various textures of light and how to use them as well as how to use your light modifiers and camera techniques to also get it right in camera.

by portrait photographer in France

Another image shot with my instinctive shooting technique shot on Malibu beach. 

A portrait photographer in Bordeaux, in Monaco, in Eze Village, on The Cote D'Azure and on The Riviera

A look inside a location fashion photography workshop in Malaysia.

Positive directing, communicating with your team and your subject, controlling and manipulating the light, understanding the correct exposure etc are all important aspects of achieving great location fashion pictures.

This image has no photoshop retouching done to it, just good skin, good make up, good light and good exposure.

Another instinctive shooting technique image that took exactly 17 seconds to set up and shoot on a beach in Turkey.

It was far too cold to shoot that day but my model was so brave and willing to do anything to get the picture (Thank you Katy) I was not prepared to make her suffer so I shot very quickly but the result of my shooting technique speaks for itself.

Nude model in available light on the rocks create during my nude photography workshop France
Exclusive portrait photography package sessions that include finished art Photographers workshops, photography courses, photography 1-2-1's, photography master classes, online fashion photography courses and photographers mentoring programs in how to shoot better wedding, fashion, portraiture, or nudes photography, in Bordeaux, Paris, Monaco and London. Photography training that will give you the photographic skill edge to compete with other photographers.
Photography workshops in France that will give you the professional edge.

The below workshops can be hosted by Bruce Smith any where you choose.

About these fashion, portraits, nudes and wedding personalized 121 photography workshops in France.

People photography is extremely rewarding in terms of creativity and income. These photography workshops, mentored photographers programs and courses are aimed at people who already understand the basics of photography and would like to turn their photography into a creative career or maybe just to earn an extra income.

All of these photography training opportunities are very personal with a lot of hands on guidance and 1-2-1 shooting with the professional models and communication with the other creative team professionals such a styling, hair and make up artists and fashion designers.

We give you a great deal of technical and highly practical learning curves to address as well as giving you creative objectives to achieve during the whole learning experience with individual questions and limited to twelve photographers for each workshop.

The highlights are two full days of practical hands on learning and shooting with our professional fully styled models under the guidance of our a professional photographer with over 40 years of creating high profile images for worldwide fashion clients.

After the workshop you will have the opportunity to extend your stay and take our digital retouching workshop, from importing your images to retouching, presentation of the images for your portfolio. We focus on consistency and effective time-management and cover the best industry software and presets which will add the wow factor to the images you will create during your shooting days with us.

Attendees at all times are guided with constructive feedback throughout the content of these photography workshop.

Photography education programs and workshops presented by Bruce Smith, read more about Bruce’s professional photography business experience on the about page of this websiteCall Bruce today on +33 7 68 79 89 89 to talk about your photography workshops requirements.

Students testimonials of Bruce's past photography workshops.

Dear Bruce

In September 2015 I joined you a Chateau Fengari near Bordeaux, France for a four-day, one-to-one fashion and fine art nudes photography workshop.

In the words of a student of one of your wonderful fashion photography workshops and fine art nude photography workshops. 

“Some things you just can’t learn from fashion or fine art nude photography How To Shoot Books, Youtube Videos or DVD’s”

I could have bought all the fashion and figure photography books on Amazon, and not learned what I did in a few days with you, which you yourself have learned from decades of successful work in the industry.  

Many thanks for all of the insights.


Dear Bruce

It was really good hearing from you, I appreciate the time you put into the feedback. I believe you have helped get me to focus in on a few important details!

I’m quite exited about all of this, since your e-mail which coincided with my reading of a few fashion photography articles.

I think you have opened my eyes to a fresh perspective, well it’s more of the ritual of thinking through, planning, and the development of consistency in a story / message, which is funnily enough the backbone structure for what I do as a brand director in Leo Burnett, even though it’s not creative that I’m involved in, it’s the same concept.

Once again, thanks a million for your support, it means quite allot.

Firas (Location Class Dubai)

An outline of the photography workshops schedule.

Please note that the course contents may alter slightly; a more detailed breakdown will be provided on booking.

Day 1 – Studio photography

09.00 until 10.00: Introductions and tea/coffee

10.00 until 11.00: Briefing the team

11.00 until 12.00: Shooting the first studio set up

12.00: until 13.00: Shooting the second studio set up

13.00: until 14.00: Lunch

14.00: until 15.00: Shooting the third studio set up

15.00: until 16.00: Shooting the fourth studio set up

16.00: until 16.30: Editing your images for layout

16:30 until 17.00: Image review

The group will come together at the end of the day to review everybody’s images.

Day 2 – Location photography

08.30 until 09.00: Meeting up at the our location

09.00 until 10.00: Briefing for the days location shoot

10.00 until 11.00: Shooting the first location set up

11.00 until 12.00: Shooting the second location set up

12.00: until 13.00: Shooting the third location set up

13.00: until 14.00: Lunch

14.00: until 15.00: Shooting the fourth location set up

15.00: until 16.00: Shooting the fifth location set up

16.00: until 16.30: Editing your images for layout

16:30 until 17.00: Image review

The group will come back together to review the images that each student has shot over the course of the weekend, and to summarise the learning that has taken place.

Are these photography workshops for me?

Who are these courses and workshops for. 

Intermediate, advanced and beginner photographers, ideally who already understand the basic aspects of photography and would like to get into the portrait, fashion or wedding photography business.

 If you are already shooting professionally and would like to improve some new genres of photography then these workshops, course, master classes and photographers mentoring programs will help you to be more effective, creative and profitable.

Requirements equipment and software.

A DSLR or mirrorless camera and speed light(s) are essential. It is expected that attendees should know the basics of photography such as aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, metering, focusing, etc. 

If you do not yet understand the basics, we recommend that you read up a little before the workshop. For the digital workflow part, you will need a computer with Bridge, Photoshop and Lightroom installed as well as a working knowledge of each.

Call Bruce today on +33 7 68 79 89 89 to talk about your photography training requirements.

portrait photography package session