Nude and boudoir portrait photographer Bruce Smith captures your inner and outer beauty to be kept forever.

Nude boudoir style portrait photography sessions can be arranged in your own home, at a hotel or at one of our studio locations in Monaco, Paris, Bordeaux or London.

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Nude boudoir style portrait photographer Bruce Smith at Elite Portraiture Photography Studio, he is a seasoned professional nudes portrait photographer that is devoted to capturing people and their personality and telling stories through the pictures he takes. Nude boudoir style portrait photographs that go beyond a photo of a smiling person. There are many different genres or types of portrait photography to choose from to suit your own ideas of how you see yourself, below are just a few.

Traditional Portraits, lifestyle portraits, environmental portraits, candid portraits, glamour or boudoir or erotic portrait photography, fine art portraits, nude portraits, conceptual portraits, couple portraits, seniors portraits, mother and daughter, mother and son or any combination of family and group portraits. For portrait photography sessions in Paris, London and Monaco you will need to book a the gold or platinum portrait photography session package.

Bruce is a photographer that specialist in creating portraits both in the studio and out on location with his location photography studio lighting set up he can create your portrait in your home, out on any location worldwide, in a hotel room, on board a yacht or any where that you choose as the location for your portrait shoot. Contact Bruce directly using the form at the bottom of this page. Keep up to date with Bruce’s latest images by adding yourself to his Instagram.

I love to create my nude portrait photographs in camera

To me the beauty of you is there already for me to capture during your nude boudoir portrait photography session without the need to manipulate and over retouch. I may add some slight adjustments to colour, contrast and may remove something that would not normally be there but that is about it. Bellow are a few examples of portraits to illustrate what can be achieved with good skin, good make up, good light and good camera techniques. Nude portrait session with Joelle, Carla Monaco and Rose shot at Chateau Fengari near to Bordeaux, France, as a boudoir and fine art nude portrait photographer this is my preferred location for creating stunning portraits.

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