Is shyness or your fear of being good enough holding you back from attending a photography course.

Taking a big step and attending a photography course with the dream of becoming a professional photographer can be a scary step to take especially when you are shy. 

Don’t let fear stop you from becoming a better photographer and having massive amounts of fun with great people on my courses, not just with the other photographers on the course but with the rest of my team of models, stylists and hair and make up artists.!

NOBODY cares who is the best or worst photographer in the studio or out on location. NOBODY is going to judge you one way or the other.

We only care about one thing and one thing only… MAKING YOU A MASSIVELY BETTER PHOTOGRAPHER than you are right now! This is the only thing we focus on… plus we focus on having a LOT of fun with awesome people like you in the process!.

I am with you, I will support you and understand what It feels like to be afraid sometimes or insecure about our abilities. You will definitely not be alone in this. So don’t let fear get in your way. My courses WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE in more ways than you can probably imagine right now reading this! So if you have been dreaming about taking the steps to achieving you dream begin the steps now and get yourself booked onto the course you have wanted to take.

Bruce Smith

Photographer – Tutor – Author


A few more words about fear.

Fears, shyness and doubts about our ability.

We all carry fears and doubts about our abilities that can and do often stop us from fulfilling our dreams, especially when we feel we do not have the experience or maybe we are too shy.

I completely understand and can relate to this, I was a shy and quiet person that also doubted my abilities when I first started out as a professional photographer back the 1980’s.

I found my own way through my fears, doubts and shyness with the overwhelming desire to create exciting pictures helping me to overcome these things during the process of looking at my images and wanting more life, energy and emotion to be more apparent in my work.

My photography course will help you to build the confidence, get over your fears, doubts and help you to get over your shyness that maybe stopping you from fulfilling your dream and give you the professional skills and industry knowledge that you need to get you ready to take the big step that many of my former photography courses students have already taken. 

Now its your turn.

A big problem we often have is the fear of being good enough, a feeling that most of us have felt.

Every photographer belongs to one of 2 groups of people, those that believe they are good enough and those that don’t., which group do you fit into, I know which one I fit into.

The first group of photographers are extremely confident in themselves and believe they have a place in the professional world of photography, usually because they’ve built up what they believe is enough skill and knowledge and may have even produced a few professional level shoots of their own or have produced some lovely images that they believe are good enough to take the big step into this amazing industry.

The first group of photographer’s don’t think twice about being good enough to learn some new skills and get themselves signed up on courses to add to their stable of skills.

The second group can still have the same levels of abilities, knowledge and skills but are not so confident in their abilities and quite often hold themselves back because of this., they still may have the same ambition and desire to become involved in the industry but often fear to take even the first step towards their dream.

Very often this group of photographers will look for a learning experience but will look at tutors of a level they would feel within their comfort zone with, often not really pushing themselves to the levels that they are quite capable of achieving. !! 

This is a big mistake !!.

There is another group of photographers.

I forgot to mention there is a third group, these are the photographers who’s fear, doubts and shyness and anxieties stop them from taking a course because they feel they will be out of their comfort zone, they are the ones who were too afraid to come. They often have all sorts of irrational fears that keep them away.

• Fear of being the worst photographer on the course.

• Fear of not being ready for a step like this.

• Fear of not being ‘qualified’ to be here.

• Fear of other people seeing you not performing well when you shoot or of making mistakes.

• Fear of people on the course judging you as a photographer.

• Fear of me thinking you are not as good of a photographer as you want me to think you are.

Or maybe fear of your own shyness holding you back when talking to models and the team. !! The list is endless !!. Do you recognise any of these irrational fears.

I would like to reassure all photographers of every level of skill or those in the above mentioned groups, with a level of desire or knowledge and especially those that fear to take the right steps to achieving your goals of becoming a great photographer.

In all of my years of teaching my students have all carried fears and doubts about their abilities and I promise you nearly all have been shy when first onset with a professional model but have very quickly realised that firstly, I do not judge, nor separate people based upon their skills, knowledge, abilities or even their fears and secondly, I work very closely with every student on a one 2 one basis, guiding you through every step, even if you have only just bought your first camera and are not sure about how to operate its functions.

Every one starts at the same place and are very often, (no matter which group they are in,) like little mice on the first day of my courses, by the time they have been with me for a short time they very quickly realise they never needed to have any fears or to be intimidated and will be like crazy fashion photographers in a short time, again, no matter which group they were in when they first arrived, all are in the same group by the end of my courses.

Back to the big step. To take the big step you still need to polish your abilities and increase your knowledge of producing professional quality images that fulfil a clients needs, this is where my courses come in. During my courses you will learn all of the industry knowledge, along with the polishing of your skills of openness,communication, direction and being in control of a shoot production. Added to this, you will learn some of the shooting and lighting techniques that I use on my professional fashion photography assignments. I also cover my own workflow, which is tried and tested in the field, along with my methods of post-production and knowledge to provide clients with images that work for the client.

If you are feeling intimidated or afraid to attend one of my courses, please don’t. Let me explain why. Although there are many truly amazing photographers who take my courses every year, there are also many others who are not so advanced yet., they were afraid too the first time they attended one of my courses, but once they got here, they immediately felt relaxed, comfortable and realised that everyone is here to help you… NOT to compete with you, not to judge you and not to try to be ‘better’ than you.

I hear new students say what they fear most is being ‘the worst photographer in the room’ or ‘too old’ or ‘too young’ or ‘too stupid’ or ‘afraid of this’ or ‘afraid of that’.

PS: If you wish to talk through any of the above please fill out the contact form below and we can arrange to speak over the telephone. +33 7 68 79 89 89.

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