Fine art nude fashion portrait photography course and workshops in France.

Held at a stunning French chateau near Bordeaux, France. For beginners to pro photographers.

During my fine art nude fashion portrait photography courses I will be teaching you all aspects of creating amazing fine art nudes fashion and portrait images. Also you will see first hand how I shoot and light which will help you to become a master of instinctive shooting.

Learning all about my unique methods and techniques of creating amazing images in camera.

Whilst attending these live fine art nude fashion portrait photography course and workshops, I will teach you more than you will from any youtube videos. Or from how to shoot photography books or online photography workshops etc. 

The fine art nude, fashion and portrait photography courses and workshops options available to you.

You can choose mentored or go it alone on my online 8 lesson fashion photography courses that you can do in your own time or choose to be mentored my me through each assignment for each lesson. Message me for information about this online fashion photography course.

These live fine art nude, fashion and portrait photography courses are held at Chateau Fengari near Bordeaux in South West France, Europe.

My photography training will give you professional photographic skills edge to compete with other photographers, call me today on +33 7 68 79 89 89 to talk about your photography workshops requirements.

Check out Bruce’s own commercial fashion photography website. Also see books on how to shoot fashion photography by Bruce Smith.

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