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A boudoir portrait photographer based in Europe, available in Monaco, Bordeaux, Paris, Eze Village on The Cote D'Azure.

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Bruce Smith, the boudoir portrait photographer that really loves to capture the best of you in your boudoir portrait photographs. Portraiture sessions, personal branding photoshoots and make over photoshoots can be arranged in Monaco, Bordeaux, Paris, London or any where that you choose to be photographed.


Your imagination combined with Bruce's personalised boudoir portrait photographers style means memorable portrait photographs of yourself and your beauty that you and your family can keep forever.

Boudoir portrait photographer, Boudoir portrait photographer

Included in your boudoir portrait photoshoot session experience.

Pre-shoot Consultation

Every portrait session client will have a pre-session personal styling consultation with Bruce or our stylist either live or over Skype or over the telephone.

Professional Hair Styling

You will have your hair dressed by our professional hairdresser with at least two hair re-styles that suit the portrait looks that we are going for during your photoshoot.

Professional Make-up Artist

Our talented make-up artist creates modern and classical looks that are simple and natural or sexy and  glamorous, looks that are just right for you and the portraits we take of you. 

Wardrobe  Fashion Styling

We will style you from your own wardrobe or from our selection of designer gowns that come from local fashion designers, this is subject to availability.

Choose Your Location

Depending on where you live you can choose to have your portrait photo session at our chateau location or in your own home or at any location you choose. Talk to us about where you would like your session to take place.

 Full Image Retouching

Bruce is an experienced photographer who gets his portrait photographs right in camera, at times adding a little creative atmosphere to his photographs and or removing a little blemish or an unwanted curve.

 The Reveal Session

A few days after your portrait session a selection of the best images from your portrait session will be revealed to you either at the studio or online.  We feel it is always best to show you these during a live presentation.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We pride ourselves in creating beautiful portraiture images of our clients so can guarantee that you will love them but in the event that you are not pleased we will offer you a complimentary re-shoot session.

A boudoir portrait photographer session client's testimonial.

“Dear Bruce

The boudoir portraits that you took of me are amazing.

I still can’t believe the woman on those photographs is me.

Thank you so much for this unique experience which has really changed my self-image.


Boudoir portrait photographer, Boudoir portrait photographer

Before and after photographs of Bruce’s portrait session clients.


Every portrait client goes through a wonderful transformation during their portrait photoshoot experience.

You will have a style make over usually from your own wardrobe, we are building a collection of fabulous outfits.

Your hair and make up will be done by our professional hair and make up artist.

Then your life changing portrait photography session with celebrity master portrait photographer Bruce Smith.

See more before and after photographs.

Boudoir portrait photographer, Boudoir portrait photographer
Boudoir portrait photographer, Boudoir portrait photographer

Why choose boudoir portrait photographer Bruce Smith to create your portraits?

Bruce is a seasoned professional boudoir portrait photographer that is devoted to capturing people and their personality, telling stories through the pictures he takes. 

A boudoir portrait session clients testimonial: “The portraits that you took of me are amazing. I still can’t believe the woman on those photographs is me”. Read more about a boudoir portrait session clients experience. 

Boudoir portrait photographs that go beyond just a photo of a smiling person. There are many different genres or types of portrait to choose from to suit your own ideas of how you see yourself, below are just a few to help you to choose. 



Portraits by boudoir portrait photographer Bruce Smith

You can view it online or download it, it contains all of the information that is on this website for you to browse in your own time or to share with any of your family and friends that maybe interested in having a portrait session with Bruce.

Contact Bruce directly using the form at the bottom of this page.

Contact Bruce Directly

Call Bruce today on +33 7 68 79 89 89 to talk about your boudoir portrait session and your free styling consultation. If you join Bruce’s mailing list, you will receive a gift card worth between €100 to €400 depending upon which portrait session you wish to use the gift card towards. 

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Boudoir portrait photographer, Boudoir portrait photographer
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