Boudoir portrait photographer France.

A boudoir portrait photographer in France, based near Bordeaux also available in Paris, Eze Village on The Cote D'Azure, Monaco and London.


“The boudoir portraits that you took of me in Bordeaux, France are amazing.

I still can’t believe the woman on those photographs is me.

Thank you so much for this unique experience which has really changed my self-image.



Bruce, boudoir portrait photographer France, loves to capture the best of you in your boudoir portrait photographs. Boudoir portraiture sessions, personal branding photoshoots and make over fashion photo shoots can be arranged in Monaco, Bordeaux, Paris, London or any where that you choose to be photographed.

At the moment Bruce is looking for ladies that are in their 40s or 50s. Ladies that are at the most beautiful time in their lives to create beautiful 40s and 50s complimentary boudoir portraits photography shoots of. These will be free of a sitting charge to show how special and lovely you really are. This offer will be available for a limited time.

To apply register on the mailing list, please add a link to a photo of yourself and tell him where you live etc, he will get back to you ASAP.

Boudoir portrait photoshoot session fees start from €380 for a silver boudoir portrait session held at Chateau Fengari near to Bordeaux or on The Cote D’Azure.

If you have been given a gift card as a present or you have received a gift card as part of one of our social media promotions please go to the How to use your boudoir portrait photographer France gift card page to redeem your gift card. 

If you join the Bruce Smith boudoir portrait photographer in France’s mailing list, you will receive a gift card worth between €100 to €400 depending upon which boudoir portrait session you wish to use the gift card towards.

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