Dancers, actors head shots and performers photography

In spring of 2019 we will be offering dancers and performers photography service to individuals and dance schools.

DSC0386RETDPSsmllft o1tfulsqo6v717my42bxwpknvlx2760zrsnxvy7sjo - Dancers and performers
DSC5979ret o1mhgehzo93owj9pq4jcnwvbb5ry2t9mrmv3shnxhg - Dancers and performers
DSC 9168rettint o1tfah36axb4duvmnv2l0ag9vj52cj3y05okvm2bt0 - Dancers and performers

Call me today on +33 7 68 79 89 89 to arrange your free portrait session consultation. If I am shooting I may not answer so please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I am free.