Dance fashion and portrait photography courses at
Chateau Fengari near to Bordeaux

Dance photography courses tutored by Bruce Smith and his guest tutor Drew Tommons that will help you to overcome many of the difficulties that you come across when photographing models, such as your shyness, confidence, communication skills, directing a story into your shoot, finding good models to work with. It is Bruce’s and Drew’s objective to get your images good enough to test with top model agency models.

A photography course location that will inspire your creativity

172266614 - Dance fashion and portrait photography course

Photography courses that teach you to be an instinctive photographer

Dance, fashion, and portrait photography course

 Fee: €1,800 (sharing a twin bedroom) for 4 nights full board stay and 3 days shooting models and dancers


DSC0386RETDPSsmllft o1tfulsrw1o30ho3zu52uh3180w1vmtnqdndnpwzt8 - Dance fashion and portrait photography course

4th to 8th April 2019

Tutored by Bruce Smith and Drew Tommons

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